Guest Lectures

UCSC, Learning and Memory, Lecture in Improving Memory (2015)

UCSC, Introduction to Psych Stats, Lecture in Two-Way ANOVA (2015)

UC Santa Cruz, Computer Mediated Communication, Lecture in Personal Information Management (2013)

UC Santa Cruz, Cognitive Colloquium, Second Year Research Presentation (2013)

UC Santa Cruz, Cognitive Colloquium, First Year Research Presentation (2012)

Teaching Assistant

Research Methods, with Dr. Leila Takayama (Spring, 2017)

Cognition: Fundamental Theories, with Sara Green Goodman (Fall, 2016) & Bryan Holbrook (Winter, 2016)

Behavioral Neuroscience, with Dr. Bruce Bridgeman (UCSC, Spring 2016)

Deception, Brain, and Behavior, with Dr. Travis Seymour (UCSC, Winter 2016)

Women’s Lives in Context, with Dr. Shelly Grabe (UCSC, Fall 2015)

Introduction to Statistics, with Dr. Steve Whittaker (UCSC, Spring 2014)

Psychology of Language, with Dr. Jean E. Fox Tree (UCSC, Fall 2013)

Human Factors, with Dr. Steve Whittaker (UCSC, Spring 2013)

Computer Mediated Communication, with Dr. Steve Whittaker (UCSC, Winter 2013 & Spring 2014)

Human Memory and Learning, with Dr. Travis Seymour (UCSC, Spring 2012 & Summer 2014)

Adolescent Development, with Dr. Tony Hoffman (UCSC, Winter  2012)